About IFPW's GMM

Join Us October 6 & 7, 2021!

IFPW's biennial General Membership Meeting strives to provide companies with the insight needed to be successful in a changing marketplace and showcase the industry from the perspective of pharmaceutical distribution. It represents a gathering of the industry's thought leaders, which strengthens relationships with other stakeholders and builds overall confidence in the healthcare delivery system.

Participants in IFPW's General Membership Meeting hear presentations of noted industry representatives forecasting the industry in order to better gauge the current industry conditions as well as how the industry may look in the future. Noted speakers -- some of them your peers, others your customers -- share their experiences and thoughts on how to take advantage of the globalization process, emerging distribution models, issues within the supply chain, emerging geographic markets, plus other subjects of critical importance in today's business environment.

The General Membership Meeting will highlight the dynamic pharmaceutical industry in Asia, and specifically Japan, while addressing global industry trends and opportunities.

For more information, please contact Christina Tucker at c.tucker@ifpw.com.

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